Warcraft Patch 1.24c

Blizzard realeased Warcraft 3 patch 1.24c a couple of hours ago. All games recorded with older Warcraft 3 versions do not work with patch 1.24c. We suggest to upgrade to the latest Warcraft 3 version as soon as possible.

Update: Garena released an update for Patch 1.24c. The new version does no longer play nice with Waaagh!TV :\

Update 13.12.2009: Volcore just implemented a quick fix for the Garena problem. Waaagh!TV should work with Garena games again.

Update 21.12.2009: Nagger updated the standalone Client to fix the Garena versioning.

TowerMadness Zero

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Waaagh!TV Recorder on Windows 7

Waaagh!TV works on Windows 7. However Winpcap, a software required by the Recorder, refuses to install under the new Microsoft OS. According to the official WinpCap mailing list this is is completely normal. Winpcap hasn't been tested on Windows 7 and therefore the installer refuses to run on Windows 7. Running the installer in Windows Vista compatibility mode fixes this problem.

Update: WinpCap Version 4.1.1 is out. Winpcap now officialy supports Windows 7.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Waaagh!TV.

It's been 6 years now! Too bad the original thread at doesn't exist anymore, it's where it all started. Anyways, we're still going strong, and now that the server issues have been fixed it's hopefully going to be another steady 6 years (who knows?! :-) ).

Thanks for using Waaagh!TV.

New Server

Hey, we finally got a new master server, so hopefully the infinite struggle with server issues will come to an end!

Thanks to NGZ Server for their prompt responses and great help!

NOTE: Streaming should work, but some files are still missing. We'll add them as soon as possible, but let us know if you find something that's missing.

NOTE2: a port wasn't set up correctly on the loadbalancer, uploading should work again now.

Great iPhone Tower Defense!

If you have an iPod/iPhone and love Tower Defense, check out TowerMadness!

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Fixed download links

The client and recorder download links are now fixed.

New Webclient Version 1.3.2

I've uploaded a new Webclient executable that contains a small fix for the game list issues that were floating around. Games will now no longer appear and multiply in the games list, and the client will only add the current live games when the "check for live games" checkbox is checked.

Recovery from hard disk crash

The master and homepage server is running again. Due to some issues, all previously recorded games will not work.
If you have any problems streaming or watching newly uploaded games, please post on the message board!

Hard disk crash

Our hard disk died and we are still recovering from it. It's currently not possible to stream any games, but we're working on it!

Customizable game lists

Good news everyone! You can now customize the gamelists by passing your own css file, by just appending "?css=[yourcssurlhere]" to the link. In my case that would be:

<iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" hspace="0" vspace="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" width="160" height="600">You can only view this Waaagh!TV games list if your browser supports iframes.</iframe>

Client and Recorder for Patch 1.23

We have fixed Waaagh!TV for Warcraft's patch 1.23.

It is required that you update your Waaagh!TV applications.

As usual you can use the webClient or the freshly released stand-alone wtvClient 0.97 to watch the games.

For streaming you have to use the new wtvRecorder 0.52.

Caution: Unfortunately all 1.23-games, streamed so far, are invalid. They cannot be watched successfully. The streamer has to use the new recorder.

***Update: The webClient has been updated to work with Windows Vista.

Problems with Patch 1.23

Waaagh!TV does not work with patch 1.23. Blizzard changed the protocol that Warcraft 3 uses. They added a SHA hash for the maps, to fix that map hash cheating exploit.

Fixing it will probably take a few days.

Another Client Update (0.96.04)

After just a few days we have another new client: wtvClient 0.96.04

This version fixes an issue, where some games on custom scenario maps (like the current NGLone maps) went asynchron.

Thanks to mddvy for finding and reporting.

Client update 0.96.03

We just released the new client version 0.96.03.

This version fixes the issue with early game termination, which occured quite frequently. Client 0.96.02 has an error in handling special characters (like german umlauts) in chat messages.

This Client also fixes the issue with game names that are too long as described in the news from 2009-02-10.


Known Recorder Bugs

The latest Waaagh!TV Recorder 0.51.06 two known bugs.

1. Gamenames too long: When the total gamename length is greater than 32 characters games don’t show up in the LAN screen of Warcraft3.

Example: ![MeetYourMakers] WC3L Qualifier #1 is 35 Characters long, streams perfectly but games don’t show up in Warcraft 3.
Workaround: Streamers with long organisation names should only use short gamenames.

2. Organisations with a blank in their name will never get their games certified.

Example: [ESL BuLi] is a certifeid organisation, games do not get certified. [ESL-BuLi] is a certified organisation, games get certified.
Workaround: Do not use organisation names with blanks. We have updated the organisations in our database and removed blanks where necessary.

NGZ Christmas Offer

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Recorder update 0.51.06

A new Waaagh!TV recorder version has been released. Version 0.51.06 is a bugfix release and fixes a bug with organisations. They should now work as intended without game name tricks.

This recorder upgrade is, required for using organisations and streaming certified games in general. Upgrading to this version of the recorder is highly recommended for Waaagh!TV streamers.

Webclient update

The Webclient works as intended on Windows Vista now.

If you still run into problems head to our forums please.

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New client and recorder

We just released a new client and recorder version.

While the client upgrade is not required, it is recommended.

The recorder upgrade is required for streaming certified games and games for organisations in general. You can now selected the associated organisation from a drop down menu.

Welcome to the new page!

Welcome to the new Waaagh!TV homepage.

Sadly I did not have the time to finish everything, so we had to cut on a lot of features.

But we at least we got a new streaming system. Read more about it here .